Menu Update

I updated the menu to include different flavours of French macarons as well as créme brûlée, another dessert I’ve decided to offer. If you have a favourite macaron flavour that isn’t listed, you can comment / email / ask me in person and in all likelihood I’ll be able to make it. I’m still trying to figure out how big one order of macarons would be, but I’m going to say if you want more than one flavour, the limit is three; I’ve realized that making all of the shell flavours as well as the different fillings would be exhausting for more than that number.

French macarons

These come in a multitude of flavours and fillings including:

  1. Plain [almond flavor]
  2. Chocolate / chocolate ganache filling
  3. Vanilla / vanilla buttercream filling
  4. Raspberry / homemade raspberry jam filling
  5. Blackberry / homemade blackberry jam filling
  6. Pistachio / pistachio buttercream filling / crème brûlée filling
  7. Peanut
  8. Coconut / coconut buttercream filling
The associated fillings are paired with the same shell flavour, or in the case of the créme brûlée, just a nice combination. You can mix and match, if you want to.


Hi everyone!

I haven’t really had the time to really establish this site yet, so I’ll be working on that in the coming weeks. Please stay tuned for renovations and the soon to come store! I’m looking into using PayPal and figuring out logistics at this point.

Information [I like lists]:

  • Until I have the store  really set up I’m open to baking pretty much whatever people want [if you want me to re-create a family or favourite recipe, you can email it to me and I’ll do my best, but it may not taste exactly like Grandma’s] or you can browse a rough menu here.
  • Right now I bake on the weekends, so if you order something during the work week, I will bake it between Friday – Sunday.
  • You can email me at swingchefeats@gmail.com if you are someone I don’t see every day and are interested in purchasing baked goods, and we can talk about payment method, etc.
  • At this point I am taking cash and checks ONLY, as I haven’t acquired credit card processing superpowers yet. If you are comfortable sending a check through the mail for the time being, I will bake and ship your desserts to you [you must cover shipping and handling; remember, I’m a student and we’re notorious for being poor!].
  • I AM NOT TAKING LARGE ORDERS RIGHT NOW. I WILL RE-EVALUATE THIS AFTER JUNE 10TH. If you think your order is too big, email me and I’ll let you know. You can order multiple cakes, and a few dozen cookies, I’m just not baking 20 pies.
  • LOCALS: if you want a large order for a graduation party after June 10th, come talk to me and we can possibly work that out and arrange the pick up / drop off.
  • This is my first time doing this, so please be patient as I work through challenges as they come!

If you were at Oakwood’s Fair Trade Fair and sampled a vanilla-lime poundcake bar, those were mine! I hope you enjoyed them, and that is 100% something I can bake for you if you so desire.

Pages to check

  • About: Why you should buy my products and where the money goes
  • About My Food: Food and information on dietary accommodations
  • Menu: The list of baked goods I’m now selling, price upon request and determined by quantity

Red Velvet Cake

Right now I am baking cinnamon rolls that I will share with you when I am done. As I was waiting for the dough to rise, I was going through How Sweet It Is, my go-to blog for sweets. I found it a few weeks ago and it’s become my favorite dessert-and-occasional-savories blog. I appreciate Jessica’s humor and anecdotes, especially about her maternal grandmother, Mother Lovett.

I digress. Anyway, after I got busy swooning over her food, I read a post that linked me to her red velvet cake recipe. This reminded me of a few days ago when I was reading about red velvet cake and learned that they’re usually vanilla or chocolate flavored. Having never before eaten a red velvet cake, I was outraged that the cake I had for so long anticipated eating didn’t taste . . . red. I’m not too sure what red would taste like, or what I had assumed it tasted like, but I’m pretty sure that a cake that is that distinctive in looks should match it with a distinctive taste.

Oh well, I’ll just have to fix that sometime– but for now warm bread dough is begging to become delicious, sticky cinnamon buns.


Hello to everyone in the blogosphere,

Welcome to my blog. I’ve recently become so engrossed in baking and cooking that I’ve decided to start posting recipes [probably not mine], pictures and general documentation of all of the insanity that seems to explode in my kitchen online to share with you. A lot of the recipes I try I’ve found online, and have a great deal of respect for those who invent them, but I’ve noticed a significant lack of young food bloggers online – probably due to the fact that our work hours aren’t limited to the time we spend in school.  I’m seventeen, I’ve had zero professional experience, but I love to cook. I’ll not only be posting what dishes I’ll be making, but also any food that catches my attention through my travels and whatever recipes I try that I’ve found online [with links, of course].

This is my experiment to see how well I can keep up with the older members of the blogging community, and I hope you enjoy it.